1955 BSA A7 Shooting Star 500cc. Priced at £RETURNED TO OWNER. We are selling this wonderful machine on behalf of a very local owner - read what he says about his bike below.

Difficult to know where to start , but here goes. I bought this bike just over 4 years ago. It was in a bit of a state as it had been half buried under a chicken shed for almost 30 years. It was basically complete but needing a complete rebuild. Its a rare bike, 1955, with the dark green frame colour and metalic green tinware. This is the sporting model with alloy head and the bolt on inlet manifold. Made for one year only.!

O.k , The frame and cycle parts were blasted and painted in two-pack paint by Alan at Lewis Templeton and the tank , after triple plating was lined by the chap who worked at Meriden . The decals on the tool and oil tank are laquered over. As you all know, lewis templeton have won countless awards for show quality paintwork. The wheels have been rebuilt using cwc "Elite" rims and matt finished stainless spokes with new avon speedmaster tyres fitted.

The engine and transmission had a full rebuild by Roger Sharman at Cake street classics, Rocket valves were used in the cylinder head, all bearings replaced, Gearbox , the same , had a new shaft fitted and all bushes and bearings /gaskets replaced. The mag has been re-wound, dynamo rebuilt, carb too. 4 spring clutch fitted. Everything has been  replaced or refurbished regardless of cost , headstck bearings fitted with taper ones,  all fork bushes, wheel bearings, replaced. wiring harness, shock absorbers, regulator, battery , exhausts and silencers, oil pipes,chains, brake shoes, seat. I had many original parts re-chromed for the bike. Most of the fixings on the bike are stainless steel including the wheel spindles and gearbox and engine studs/nuts.

The final assembly was carried out at Cake street classics,

The bike runs faultlessly, The engine is very quiet, and sounds lovely through the unrestricted silencers, It starts very easily, courtesy of the rebuilt mag and carb. Roger at Cake street classics has a reputation for building bikes without oil leaks, and being of the highest quality, and this bike is no exeption. Not a drop anywhere!

The motorcycle will need to be carefully run in, everything works as its maker intended. I didn`t penny-pinch on anything that the bike required during the restoration, using only the best quality components and expertise available. The whole machine, although nearly 60 years old , is as close as possible to being in effect , a brand new motorcycle ready for a new owner to take delivery of.

"Quality remains long after the purchase price has been forgotten" as quoted by Henry Royce when asked about the high price of his Rolls royce cars.

 I believe that I have yet to see a better example of this model of motorcycle, its rare, and has serious collector value, certainly one of the most desirable colour schemes to ever grace a sporting motorcycle, Just imagine walking past your local Bsa motorcycle dealers window and seeing this in 1955!

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