c1961 Chipmonk (We think!!!!) Priced at £SOLD Any sensible offer considered or part exchange for anything interesting. An Essex discovery Having e-mailed the Trojan Museum they replied

Hi There,
Thank you for your email about yourt bike. No I'm afraid it isn't a Trobike. I believe it is a Chipmonk which was made in America, though I'm not certain on this. The engine is a clinton as per the Trobike. These engines were made in the USA, The Trobike one runs in the other direction to yours, therefore has the chain on the other side of the bike, yours looks the same as were fitted in the Trokarts. These engines were painted red, by Clinton and were identical to the Trobike yellow ones except for the direction of running and so were a mirror image.
I hope this is helpful.
David Hambleton
Their website is at Trojan Museum

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