c1953 Simplex 125cc An automatic servi-cycle

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Below is an e-mail from the American Servi-cycle website. This site is well worth a visit they have lots of information, pictures, old adverts etc.

Thanks for the photos. I am travelling until Thursday, and don't have my records handy, but will send you another e-mail when I get home and tell you the year of your Simplex. From the photos, here's what I can tell you initially:
The handlebars, exhaust, intake manifold, carburetor, air cleaner are not original and are not Simplex parts. The chassis and engine appear to be around 1954 or '55 -- one of the early Automatics, although the handlebars with a bicycle-type gooseneck are earlier (post-1952, these bikes had a four-bolt handlebar plate rather than a gooseneck).
In its' current condition, this bike would bring around US$2000 to $2500 here in the States.
I'll get you more information toward the end of the week.
Pat Williams
Simplex Collectors' Web Site