The Pioneer Run

Sunday 20th March 2011

Before the start - Three experienced veterans getting ready for the run - Chris, Rusty (the dog not the bike!) & Sunbeam.


Justin just making sure his 'out of date' aerosol fire extinguisher is properly attached to the carrier before the off.


Some of the spectators came on lovely machinery aswell. Like this circa 1930 James 500cc side valve V twin we spotted.


The Start - Tattenham Corner, next to Epsom Downs Racecourse. The Mayor of Epsom doing the honours.


Andy (left) & Justin (right) start off. Andy has a working clutch so no problems there. Justin has neither a working clutch nor a working brain so plenty of problems there - & there were.


Justin (left) & Graham (right) our able breakdown man, tackle Justin's first breakdown - oil in the magneto & a fouled plug - too rich!


Justin's second breakdown. Got going again after cleaning magneto a second time. Third time unlucky, had to put the BSA in the van at Crawley!


Arrival at Brighton, Madeira drive. (left to right) Dave (behind his FN four) Sylvia & Andy.


Madeira Drive, Brighton - Feast your eyes over just some of the machinery that took part in this years run.


This gentleman made the run successfully on his Alldays Matchless (Alldays Onion engine). Note the hand crank start used on the rear wheel!

Relaxing later in the day (left to right) Andy, Justin & Graham.


Well leave you with a great picture of our friend Roy, enjoying his ice cream after his successful run!

Thanks to the Sunbeam MCC for organising another superb event.

Roll on next year!