The Kettle, Hacheston, Framlingham,Suffolk

Sunday 31st October 2010


The gate is manned...& guarded


Derek the organiser, happy to be reunited with his sign after he thought someone had nicked it!


'3 bacon & sausage rolls please' ...... 'Sorry, we've run out of bacon' ...... 'but it's only 9.30am!'


Duncan & Ally all ready to do you a good deal.


Rosie & Graham setting up, & looking very happy to be here.


Duncan & Andy, amazed at the ability of a Bantam to run - what's that in Andy's right hand, Easy Start!!!


Panther John has spotted & old mate.


Glen near the end of the 'jumble on the 20p tool stall - loads of bargains to be had.



Justin folds up the 'Black Jack' as another 'jumble comes to an end.

Watch out for 'The Kettle' boiling again next year!