The 44th Felixstowe Run

Sunday 4th May 2014

Fabulous weather, one of the best days we've ever had! And what a turn out!!!


Justin & Andy with Andy's 1931 BSA three wheeled van in Christchurch Park, Ipswich, in the morning.


The motorcycles gather in Christchurch Park.


All sorts of vehicles gather togerther for the run. Here is a selection of some American iron.


The turn out was tremendous, with some 540 vehicles booked in. The public turned out in force for the start.


Many comercials were on the run, buses are always popular! Even a McCormick tractor & a Stanley steam car were there!


Military vehicles are a great favourite among spectators.


Now this vehicle piqued our interest. A WW2 GMC six wheel drive truck with a complete Le Roi pneumatic unit on the back, consisting of an engine driven three cylinder air compressor & a full compliment of pneumatic tools. The tools included a two man chainsaw - that must have made tree felling fun!!!


Here we have a collage showing some of the vehicles as they set off from Christchurch Park. Including our friend Simon (aka Masher Junior) on his Raleigh Moped (bottom photograph).


Andy got a bit 'snap happy' with camera enroute - at least until he got out to collect his Brough Superior. He had decided to leave it at a friends house with the big van & trailer, & to ride it from there to Felixstowe.


Here is a selection of shots taken on the Promenade at Felixstowe.


Andy's 1931 BSA three wheeled van with his c1932 Brough Superior SS100 ' Lawrence of Arabia' replica. May we please draw your attention to the special twin cylinder Fyre Tank modification, which Andy was testing. The Fyre Tank modification has been deemed to be completely successful & is now being made available to all Brough Superior owners by special request.


The end of the afternoon & going home time.

A big thank You to the Ipswich Transport Museum for their tremedous organisational skills

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