The Copdock Show, Trinity Park, Ipswich

Sunday 03/10/2010

Andy setting up the stall.


Graham & Rosie, next door, took no prisoners with their sales technique!


There was much to see - how about this custom built scooter chopper - but is all that glitters gold. In this case 24 carat gold plating - OUCH!


This was Justin's favourite area, & he managed to sample the wares from most of the vendors, some more than once!


Gerald had brought along something a bit special, A Rickman 7R racer.


Entertainment was on tap, & proved very exciting.


Here Steve Colley's demonstration of 'Basic Riding Techniques for Beginners' goes badly wrong, partly caused by incorrect maintenance as his forks fell out! He managed to get himself in some very awkward positions. Never mind Steve, better luck next year when hopefully you will have finished your CBT!


While in the hall with all the club stands there was a whole plethora of machinery to get your teeth into, including (from the top, left to right). A gathering of Greeves; a mayhem of mopeds, courtesy of the East Anglian Cyclemotor Club (EACC); an excitment of Excelsiors: a ssprinkling of scooters; a microcosm of microcars & a Lambretta with a Watsonian Bambi sidecar attached!




Everyone should have a 'Basil'. This fine example of a 1950's Bond Minicar -an estate version no less - was also on display.





Bunping into old friends was par for the course. Here is Christian on the Hadleigh & District Bike Club Stand of which he is a founder member.


(Top Left) Roger & Tilly. (Top Right) Very pretty, & the bikes weren't bad either. (Centre) Ace Triumph restorer, Glenn. (Bottom Left) This kind pair allowed their picture to be taken, but I've forgotten their names. I expect they know who they are! (Bottom Right) Andy on judging duty.


Meanwhile in the show hall there were some wonderful motorcycles on display. (Top Left) A Villiers engined Sun. (Top Right) A 1930's Harley Davidson. (Centre Middle) A worthy rosette winner, a nice Triumph. (Bottom Left) A deal of Douglass'. (Bottom Right) A rather fetching BSA Bantam. (Bottom Middle) A pair of AJSs'.


The only down side is you have to say hello to everyone you know, even Lawerence, but Sony made up for it!


This pretty little Triumph Terrier proved quite an eye catcher.


Meanwhile outside the stage was set for the band. Now where are they? Are there they are, & quite good they were too!


The one & only Gilbert Sills of the Cretingham Crank Company, showing off some of his incredible custom creations.


Is it a racer mister? It certainly is! This is an exact replica of one of Hondas' 250cc fours of the 1960's, as raced by people like Mike Hailwood. And oh boy was it loud, when they started it the photographer tried to video it running, but camera microphone couldn't take it! Back to the repair shop for that camcorder!!!


Last but not least, a visit to the beer tent was on most peoples agenda for the day!