The 12th Old Car Fun Run

Sunday, 1st June 2014

Starting from Honeypot Farm, Wortham, Diss, Suffolk, the run wound it way through the country lanes of North Suffolk & on into Norfolk. Eventually ending up at The Chequers pub (don't they always) in the quiet village of Thomson. The pre-ordered weather was brilliant, & everyone spent a couple of hours at the pub, which accomodated all the cars in a large field. We all had a great lunch, eventually departing for home. But the story didn't end there...

Unfortunately, as can be seen in the last few photographs, our old friend Graham had a bit of a problem. Havign just gone a mile from the pub, on his way home, with son Simon driving; pulling away at a crossroads resulted in a bang & the car not moving. Upon examination Graham found the rear part of the prop shaft with the pinion attached lying on the ground, with further investigation showing the whole top of the differential had broken off!!! At that moment we arrived on the scene. Graham had to use a breaddown recovery service to get home!!!