Sutton Hoo ship reconstruction

Wednesday 2nd August 2023


We were invited to visit the ship reconstruction of the famous Anglo-Saxon ship burial at Sutton Hoo by David Turner, one of the volunteers working on the reconstruction. Dave, a long time fellow vintage motorcyle man & a friend for over 40 years, was kind enough to show us the work being carried out.

Andy made this into a works 'jolly' by taking us all out for lunch first - A great afternoon out.


Left to right - Peter, Duncan, Perry, Andy, Justin & Dave.


Below is a collage showing the ship reconstruction. We were told that there is another two years work to finish the ship.


Below is shown one of the specially made clamps, only authentic tools (as far as possible) from this Anglo-Saxon period are being used


Here are some websites to visit if you would like further details regarding Sutton Hoo