Mannheim Veterama

Mannheim Veterama was held over the weekend of Satuday 7th & Sunday 8th October 2011. Here are a few photographs from the event.

Top row, left to right. A public lavatory house, German style, complete with 'umbrella'. Graham was smiling at all the motorcycles for sale - until he asked 'How much?' A nice pair of Triumphs - German ones. Ginger wondering where the horse has gone - a true horseless carrage - replica with a diesel engine.

Middle row, left to right. Ad hoc entertainment laid on by the locals! Mannheim also seemed a focus for a British station engine weekend festival - they were everywhere all rattling & chugging away with Andy looking on! Ginger, Horst & Graham on Andy's stall. A sweet little German 'Express'; the company produced machines for over 50 years, but virtually unknown over here.

Bottom row, left to right. Duck for supper, & very tasty it was too! Generally dry but some rain had to be drained off the stall roof. Graham (in the middle) with two of his DKW chums. One pile of many, it is amazing what some people leave behind, but this 'rubbish' was soon picked clean!