Veterama Show, Mannheim, Germany

Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th October 2010


............ and they're off - Ginger (left) & Graham (right) on the ferry crossing the North Sea, or are they. With these two navigating who can tell where they are!


Well they have arrived somewhere. Actaully it is Intermot, a planned visit on the way to Mannheim. Intermot is a hugh modern motorcycle show.


This year's Intermot seemed to be themed around tracks!


No Andy you can't have it, you know exactly where Jo will stick it if you take it home!

Andy scouting out some new workshop equipment? Just right for hanging your bike, or an unco-operative customer!


This looks a rather nifty gadget.


Ginger got competition............Votes on a postcard to............


Nothing like a good supper to end the day, wonder why Grahams so red for, sunstroke maybe?


Having finally arrived at the Veterama, Mannheim, Andy gets his red overalls on so he can be easily spotted - red for danger! Meanwhile back in the van Graham & Ginger destroy evidence that may give away the presence of a British bike!


Just a few of the motorcycles to look at, as Graham walks around.


Graham's wondering how he could tell Rosie that this is what she has always wanted.


Andy has found something interesting - it looks like an American Autoped, but never had a saddle, you just stood on them. Actually it is a Krupp Roller, built under licence from the American Autoped company, & the Germans decided to fit a seat.


A nice pair of Continentals (left) a Terrot, with what looks like a brass tank, & (right) an early BMW.


Everyone should have one. This is the Japanese Riku'o motorcycle outfit used by their forces in WW11. The sidecar wheel drive, which has a dog clutch operated by a lever, proved to be of particular interest.


Andy's found a Mammoth - no not the pre-historic kind, but this Munch Mammoth. These limited edition production bikes were built around N.S.U. engines, by Friedl Munch.


I wonder whether you need an HGV licence to drive one of these up the street? Stretching things a bit far perhaps?


Now how does this work?


(Top left) Graham investigating alternative power plants. (Top middle) Relaxed mobile call, German style. (Top right) Need a cyclinder head for your BMW? (Bottom left) Graham wondering if he should take up fishing, I bet they didn't catch those in the North Sea! (Bottom middle) Enamel signs anyone? (Bottom right) Ginger always wanted a Chopper - 'Captain America' here we come!


A self service stall - hope nobody runs off with the tin!


Andy's girlfriend Miss Piggy wasn't there this year, But Andy's not going to have any nightmares with Miss Geegee Isn't she cute!


A rather rare pre-war French Radior with a British J.A.P. engine.


Wonderful isn't it - what you might call a solid piece of engineering.


(Left) The walk ways between the stalls were packed. (middle) Behind the stall Ginger finds time for food as Horst Cooks. (Right) Andy & Horst waiting expectantly for money to flow in their direction!


Graham & Horst have found the bargain of the weekend as 'jumble transport. Andy is desparately trying to sell the bargain of the weekend, but it is simply attracting mates!


Well that's it for another Mannheim Veterrama - although Graham does like to take home a souvenir, usually a piece of somebody elses crap that they have thrown away. Graham calls this bargain hunting.