Andy & Nick - Irish Holiday & National Rally 2014

Thursday 21st August until Sunday 31st August 2014


Andy & Nick set of on the annual pilgrimage to Ireland. After spending several days at Nick's ancestral pile, where Andy was put to work, together with other German & French visitors on garden work. The stay included a visit from other members of the rally riding team, Jeff & Irene for a lovely tea party. This gave Jeff the opportunity to try out his present from his daughter Chris, a metal detector. Jeff didn't exactly strike gold, but he did find something - as yet unidentified, which is probaly how it will remain!

Then onward for the Irish National Rally base camp at Kilarney. Four days of riding & not a bad week was had by all, with Jeff & Irene on the Panther outfit, while Andy & Nick both rode solo BSA singles. The week ended with Jeff & Irene picking up a couple of trophies (don't they always - well you just can't keep a good man down & there is no chance of Jeff losing his competitive edge).

Please enjoy our collage of photographs below.

We'll leave you with Jeff & Noel signing the inside of the sidecar boot lid; & last but not least a beautiful photograph taken by our friend Harry of his lovely BSA three wheeler on a coast road during his journey home. Harry & his wife Fran had clocked up 1,279 miles on their Irish trip by the time they got home!