Andy & Jo's Australian holiday

Late May & early June 2012


Not long after Andy & Jo had arrived to stay with Jo's sister & family, the British weather arrived also!!!


Andy, Jo & family with the Brisbane skyline in the background.




At home & out & about with family.


I wonder how they got that up there - the best place for a Ducati?


A visit to a local Kangaroo Reserve gave a lovely insight into the indigenous wildlife - Kangaroos, Emus, Tasmanian Devils, Dingos & much more!


Andy & Jo were made to feel right at home, with a visit to a nearby town - something a bit too familiar here, it must be the cheap second hand bangers!


Seaworld was on the agenda.


As was a helicopter flight over the Gold Coast - some nice aerial photography aswell!


Movie World proved to be very colourful - well worth a visit!


Out & about around Brisbane.


See Skippy - Eat Skippy!

Couldn't be Oz without a Barbie! Of course you've got to have a 'Roo for dinner, & they did, with Kangaroo steaks cooking away!


Andy & Jo's last few days were spent with Muriel, a distant cousin of Andy's in Melbourne.


Andy & Jo met up with an old friend who emigrated, Mike, who used to work opposite our shop in Framlingham.


The final visit of the holiday was to an old customer, Ron, to see his lovely home & wonderful vehicle collection.



Until the next holiday!