Andy & Jo's Xmas Party

Friday 24th December 2010


The decorations go up!


Left - Justin & (right) Mick before the mad rush.


People eating over a view of some of the grub. (Left to Right) Alan, Elaine & Shirley.


More people eating (Left to Right) Mike, Sally, Paul, Craig, Graham & Christine.


Briony with our youngest guest Ellie who was a little shy at first, but once she was allowed to look at all the motorcycles she was over the moon!


Are yes, Justin has found the food, while Mike wonders how long it will take before he's back for more!


The good, the bad & the ugly. (Left to Right) Glen, Karen, Paul (at the sink), Ginger, Dave, Sylvia, Webby & Danny (AKA John).


(Left to Right) Paul, Bones & Ginger. Bones had just arrived on a new (to him) Triumph, as an elderly lady had run over his Honda V4 while it was parked outside a post office. Probably the the best thing to happen to a Honda, & wisely he replaced it with a Triumph!


And even more people! (Top Left to Right) Rosie, Sony, Laurie, Perry & Webby. (Bottom Left to Right) Ginger, Dave, Sylvia, Graham & Rosie (yes there are two Rosies).


The party is nearly over, but there is always time for another photograph. This time it is (Left to Right) Melissa, Jo & Renee; with Rosie (the younger) directly behind Melissa.